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Name: Criminal Minds Rare Pairings
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Welcome to rarepairs_cm!

If you've made it this far, you probably know all the other CM communities out there, so I won't bore you with a list of comms to visit if you want to read some of the more mainstream pairings of this fandom. Instead I'm just going to wish you a great time. Hopefully you'll find the rare pairing that you're looking for.


1. Only rare pairings are allowed. (That automatically excludes all Morgan/Reid, Hotch/Reid, Morgan/Garcia and Emily/JJ fanfic.)
2. We are equal opportunity rare pairing ficcers. Slash and het are both welcome; even gen if your fic's focus is on a rather unusual CM character constellation.
3. Please give all the necessary information in your post (title, author, pairing, rating, summary), but put your fic behind a cut.
4. All ratings allowed. The community is flagged for adult content.
5. If you have any questions, ask them before you start a post with "I'm not sure if this is allowed, but--" (see rule #9)
6. As for art: Art is encouraged, but please make sure that your art post follows the first rule. A bunch of icons of JJ or a wallpaper of Garcia is not rare pairing fanart. At least one quarter of your post should feature a rare pairing in some form.
7. Spoilers: Put all spoilers behind a cut. This includes spoilery summaries. Fandom is global, but not everyone is seeing the episodes as they air in the US.
8. Only post your own creations. If you want to make the members aware of a great rare pairing fic that hasn't been posted to the comm, you may rec the fic, but do not repost anyone else's work.
9. If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment here.
10. Play nice with the other kids. Don't make me separate you.

And we have an extra rule about promoting other comms:
11. No promotion unless it's directly related to rare pairings.

Posting Fanfic/Art:
Please use the following format or a variation thereof in your posts.

For fanfiction:

For fanart:
Rating/Warning:(This is the place to note whether or not a piece of art is NSFW!)

Please always include a subject line (best would be the title of your fanfic or art). That makes it easier to find specific entries when searching through the memories or the archive.

Yes, we have tags, and we're using them! I'd appreciate it if you could tag your own stories.

How to tag:
We have three general categories (het/slash/gen), for which there are three respective tags: category: het, category: slash and category: gen. In addition to that, tag your entry with your pairing (like this: pairing: hotch/hankel) and rating (like this: rating: pg).

Thank you!

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hotch_rossi - A Hotch/Rossi community

If you want to affiliate your comm with rarepairs_cm, please contact the mod directly or leave a comment here.

Your friendly mod is seraphina_snape and you can reach me via my own journal or LJ's new-ish PM function.

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